Welcome to Our Mountain

Mountain Mama's is a wellness and beauty company created by a mom of three out of a desire for effective and purposeful all-natural products. Specially formulated with essential oils and no harsh chemicals, our products will safely and effectively improve you and your

family’s hair quality.

Our best-selling and flagship product, “Mountain Mamas Tangle Tonic," easily removes stubborn knots from all hair types, while leaving hair in better condition and smelling fresh. Gone are the days of tears and struggles to brush your child’s hair!

Due to an overwhelming response, we have expanded our product line. Our “Tangle Tonic” now comes in a “Bedtime Baby Tangle Tonic” version, scented with lavender to help children naturally fall asleep quicker, a “Beach Baby Tangle Tonic” to protect your hair from the harsh chemicals in a pool or sun exposure and a his and her hair growth tonic we’ve nicknamed “Harry Marry.”

Find out what makes Mountain Mama’s so unique and has happy customers singing our praises from the mountaintops!

"Tangle Tonics"

Tangle Tonic
Beach Baby
Bedtime Baby

Other "Tonics"

Harry Mary